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tv   New Day  CNN  August 6, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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quite simply it says, quote, do something. a live report coming up. within hours the trial of the ft. hood trial of major nadal hasan begins. he will defend himself in the trial. now he'll be able to cross-examine the victims and we will hear from some of those survivors coming up. nied to know do you have it? do you have powerball fever? experts believe we will hit $1 billion soon enough. breakings in pup gnews. a shooting at a ton hall meeting last night in shalorsburg,
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approximately. what is the latest, poppy? >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. in the word of one county official, this is a town, a community that is never in the newspapers and it is because absolute horror broke out here last night in sailorsburg, pennsylvania. they had a town supervisors meeting like they always do here came, he start spraying bullets first outside through the windows with what police are describing as a long gun. then bargaining inside filling the room with more bullets, emptying his rifle going out to his car, trying to get a handgun, killing three people injuring several others but that is when the heroism kicked in. police say two people there tackled him to the ground and preventing more injury. >> he was there to do as much wrong as possible? >> reporter: yeah. >> we were showing a picture of who they believe the man is with the beard.
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what do we know about the alleged gunman? >> what we know is that he is a resident here. police say his name is rockne newell. he is a suspected gunman. police say no one else is suspected in this that he acted alone. why did he do this? we don't know but what we do know he has had a nearly 20-year battle with this town over his property. they condemned it last thursday. they evicted him. he said he had nowhere to go, that he was homeless. the question is was that a motive? we still don't know. was he specifically targeting anyone in this meeting? we don't know. he is in the hospital. he was shot and injured so he may have a bedside arraignment. in the meantime, police are waiting to search his property. as far as the identities of the victims, we don't know their identities yet. the three shot and killed. several others wounded. we may find that out today.
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police press are coming this morning. the shooter in custody at this hour. >> poppy, thank you very much. our focus on the victims, no matter the motive, there was no justification. appreciate the reporting this morning. following breaking news oversea. a terror threat. all americans in yemen are being ordered to leave immediately. in the meantime, we are learning more about an intercepted message between two top al qaeda leaders that prompted the shutdown of 19 embassies and consulates across the middle east and africa. barbara starr is following the developments live from the pentagon this morning. the latest alert, barbara, coming hours ago. >> reporter: absolutely, kate. the state department warning americans in yemen get out now. leave immediately. with this high terrorist threat, the embassy has reduced personnel. there won't be enough american government personnel to help citizens if trouble were to break out. why is this happening? what do we now know about the
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terrorist threat? a message from the head of al qaeda in paecket to another man in yemen named wawishy who is head in yemen and he was appointed two weeks ago. a message intercepted and that message said basically do something. do something now. this is what set off alarm bells across washington a few days ago. the feeling is that al qaeda and yemen now really in the final stages of planning something and it is a race to figure out what it is that they are planning. kate, chris? >> barbara, thanks so much. hours after being suspended from baseball for performance-enhancing drugs, alex rodriguez woo in the lineup last night for the new york yankees. he heard it from the crowd. just listen. do you hear that? those are boos as he stepped up to the plate in chicago. jason carroll is live at u.s.
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cellular field. >> reporter: they weren't just booing but shouting and calling him a cheater and lier and saying things like throw the bum out. as for alex rodriguez, he says he is fighting for his life and appealing is the only way to defend himself. the sounds of boos and cheers echoing throughout u.s. cellular field in chicago on monday night as alex rodriguez debuted for the yankees, just hours after major league baseball announced it was suspending him for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. the embattled third baseman talked about what it has been like living under a cloud of suspicion. >> the last seven months has been a nightmare. probably the worst time of my life. >> reporter: rodriguez was one of 13 players suspended monday. the other 12 players receiving
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50-game suspensions for using performance-enhancing drugs. the peds allegedly provided by the now defunct anti-aging clinic in florida, biogenesis. rodriguez's punishment far worse. his suspension effective thursday is through the 2014 season, 211 games without pay which could cost him $31 million. major league baseball commissioner saying in a statement the suspension is based on his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance enhancing substances including testosterone and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years. mlb officials also alleging rodriguez attempted to cover up his violations and obstruct their investigation. rodriguez says he'll appeal. in the past, rodriguez has also denied a connection to the former head of biogenesis and taking peds from the clinic, but when asked more than once to clarify on monday, rodriguez
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dodged those questions. >> we will have a forum to discuss all of that and we will talk about it then. >> reporter: well, under the rules and regulation, rodriguez is allowed to keep playing while he appeals, but his all-star career forever tainted as well as the world of baseball. chris? >> appreciate the reporting from there, jason. what does this mean for a-rod and for major league baseball? let's bring in rachel nichols joining us from rochester, new york. let's go through the punch points here. in perspective terms, what did yesterday mean historically for major league baseball? >> yeah, this is a big step forward for major league baseball. it basically told players we will find you. we don't need a positive test any more. we will find you if you are doing something wrong, we are not going to sit and wait around. we are going to begrap aggressi.
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we are going to investigate and pile other evidence and we will seek you out and find you if you are doing wrong against this game. >> so you have the most people being punished in the kind of most harsh way without banning anybody. but you're talking about what the league says it will do. what can it do? what are its powers and what are the powers of someone like an a-rod to fight back? >> reporter: well, the appeals process is going to be very interesting from here on out. the state of the most highly paid player in the history of major league baseball is now going to be in the hands of the 64-year-old californian journeyman arbitrator named frederic horowitz. his salary is half paid by the union and half paid by major league baseball. he is actually new to the job. the last arbitrator was fired after baseball felt that he was too lenient in letting ryan braun off on a technicality when he failed a drug test a couple of years ago. horowitz has arbitrated a few
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salary issues for the nhl and for the postal industry and airline industry but trust me, this is the biggest thing to cross his desk. over the next few months, both sides are just going to dig in on this with all of the dirty details. we don't expect a ruling until november and until then, alex rodriguez is going to live in this crazy limo that we saw in chicago last night, playing, but suspended, and with all of these details leaking out, it could really damage his legacy. >> details are leaking out. we are hearing the jeers of the fans. we don't know the case, do we? that makes this unusual. the league has taken action before it has proffered its proof. when do we know what they are going to show? >> reporter: it's not a public hearing. we will get these little leaks the way we have over the past few months and we have already seen baseball having the intention to put a little bit more out there than we have seen in the past. look at the players who cooperated, the players who agreed to their suspension.
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the language of those rulings was very protective, very mistakes were made general and not letting on exactly what they have done. we will never know ryan braun, he said he is not talking about it and neither is baseball. when you get to a-rod they are starting to fight and alleged he used hgha and not in a short period of time but over number of years when he was racking up all of these all-star numbers. they are showing that they are ready to give some details. expect as witnesses come to testify in front of this arbitrator people who say that they personally shot up alex rodriguez with steroids over time. we may start to hear a little bit of this unofficially and, again, those are the nips and tucks of a player and his legacy even if the arbitrator were to clear alex rodriguez which no one suspects to happen or reduce his suspension, those details might be so damaging it really doesn't matter. >> good point, rachel.
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if they continue down this road of players losing chunks of their pierre, it has to be a parallel system of baseball and litigation at the same time. appreciate the reporting this morning, as always, from rochester. thank you, rachel nichols. overnight, a problem with reservations system created major delays for airlines around the world. the saber system was down for about two and a half hours as airline employees were forced to manually enter reservations at ticket counters. allison k-- alison kosik is her with more. >> it was a problem and fixed but not before everybody had a bunch of headaches. you mentioned saber. saber is a global technology company and it's the conservation system one of the biggest out there that 300 airlines, at least 100 airports, use to book their renks and what
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sabre say happened in the wee hours of morning it had a system issue and no word on what they mean by that but what happened is a mass i've outage with reservation systems and causing delays for your flight. it affected not just making reservations, it affected boarding and check-in and so we looked at several airlines that had these issues. alaska had 50 flights delayed takeoffs and virgin said they to manually book their flights. american airlines saying we're sorry for the inconvenience. there were delays all over the place. even injohannesburg. >> it also shows what one hiccup and how interconnected it all is. the backup that can be created so quickly with one hiccup in the system. >> the good news it's back online. >> people traveling in the u.s. it happened in the wee hours of the morning. hopefully, if you get on the
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plane this morning, you won't see this. thank you. news developing at this hour. >> they are issuing an amber alert for these two children from san diego. police say 40-year-old james lee dimaggio suspected of killing their mother and another child may be headed to texas or canada with the abducted children. he was said to be a friend of the mother and believed to be driving a blue nissan versa with a california olympians plate. trial of nadal hasan is about to get under way. he is suspected to represent himself in the trial and he let out fire against troops back in 2009. 13 people were killed. we will have much more on this coming up in the next hour. autopsies set for today for two boys, two little boys who
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appeared to have been strangled by a python. the 5 and 7-year-old boys were asleep at a friend's apartment above a reptile store in new brunswick, canada. it is believed the snake escaped from the store blen got into the ventilation system and then into their apartment and strangled the two boys as they slept monday. the snake is reported to be 11 to 15 feet long and weighed almost a hundred pounds. the man suspected of driving a car into a crowd on the boardwalk in venice beach, california, expected to make his first court appearance today. nathan campbell was charged with murder after turning himself in. the incident killed this bride who they were on their honeymoon. >> there is no word to explain what happened and what i feel. i want to come back to italy with her! >> one person was critically
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hurt. two others have serious injuries. in riverside, california, mandatory evacuations ordered for the decker canyon area and a campground and picnic area and along with several highways and roads are closed in the area. a 9-year-old girl owes her life to police officers who jumped into the kansas river and saved her and it was captured by a small camera attached on one of the officer's uniform. the two girls were sitting with the feet dangling in the water when a strong current pulled them into the river. kayla's sister made it to shore and called for help. the other girl held on to a tree branch. it happened in 90 minutes. >> strong kid. strong kid. now obviously the river situation was a function of a weather situation so let's get over to indra petersons who is
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keeping track of that in kansas. >> that was kansas they had 7 inches of rainfall in the early morning hours and talking about 4 to 9 inches of rainfall since just midnight. this is right around waynesville, missouri, east of springfield. i want to zoom in closer. now around waynesville this area is training over the area. talking rainfall rates 2 inches per hour. the amount of flooding that that can cause is unbelievable. we are talking about 20 homes looking at floodwaters and rushing into their homes and people trapped on their roofs and looking for swift water rescues currently at this hour. unfortunately more rain headed in that direction. talking about a cold front sweeping through the area and 2 to 4 inches expected in that region today. we are also talking about rain. it's kind of spreading from the eastern portions of the plains into the mid atlantic by tomorrow. a lot of us are talking about the wet weather here the next 48 hours. the most severe weather that is
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going to be stretching pretty much from minneapolis kind of down through kansas city so just north of where we are seeing that flooding. either way, another 2 to 4 inches expected on whef seen 9 inches this morning. that is a dangerous situation morning. >> thanks so much. still ahead on "new day," he pioneered a digital revolution that put some newspapers out of business. where is jeff bezos new buying "the washington post"? an interesting move there. yes it is summertime and shark week and have to figure out why so many more sightings of big bad fishes along the east coast. >> they just misunderstood. >> they are hoirungry is what t are. we are going to take you through it. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
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it is money time. a surprise move "the washington post" is being sold to the founder and co. of, jeff bezos. he is personally buying the post for a cool $250 million. joining us for more on this is cnn global economic analyst ranu. this came as a surprise to many. i'm wondering is it more of a surprise that "the washington post" sold it at all or who they sold it to? >> it was definitely who they sold it to. i think for some time, the grahams have been laying out the fact that things weren't going as they hoped at the post and they knew they had a limited amount of time to make things
3:22 am
work. i think if they waited longer they would have had a shareholder revolt on their hands. they have been smarting layi ab laying out the future. >> what does this mean for "the washington post"? >> what is amazing, i've talked to a lot of people. people are optimistic about this at "the post." >> people often aren't when their company is up for sale. >> this is the barbarians but what is happening? a lot of people are optimistic. they know that they need a technological revolution and need something to take them over that digital bridge and the post has a lot of brand equity. someone like they could transform not the post but the entire newspaper industry if he is successful. >> i think you gave the two key elements in that answer. you called it old media. that is what was hurting "the washington post." their money model isn't working any more because of what you get online. and, yet, what you called equity.
3:23 am
goodwill, cache that "the washington post" is a prestige play and what bezos needed. a list of his online assets when it comes to impa cumedia, what big value? >> this is an organization that has incredible global coverage. number three in the u.s. in terms of number foreign bureaus it has. it's business part not on par with the editorial. you have a global publication covering world news events but makes most of its money or ads. it's just not in line. so someone like bezos could make those two things work together. >> why now? the newspaper business, the model has been floundering for some time. i think a lot of them had hoped for an infusion of capital and some support for many years. why now? >> a number of wealthy people have come in and boston papers. "the boston globe" was seled recently. the "new yorker" magazine was
3:24 am
sold. it has been happening for a while. >> itand it's cheap relatively. >> it is. if he can make it work in the digital age. >> is there any indication, obviously, from the business standpoint he'll have a heavy hand in the direction the post is going to go but what about the editorial? has he given any indication if he will be involved editorially? >> he hasn't said that. he has a stake in the business insider. if anything, you could argue the quality of that publication improved after he took over. if he did that frankly it would be a real disaster. you don't want to take "the washington post" and use it as a platform for your own policy agenda. there have been concerns because you think amazon has been involved in lobbying against sales tax. >> many critics. >> many critics and a lot of sensitive things that bezos has supported. on the other hand, every owner uses their paper as a platform for something so he is not yuk
3:25 am
-- unique in that sense. >> any predictions? >> i have no predictions on the new look but i think and i hope if he can put capital into this organization and continue this tradition of amazing journalism this could mean good things. >> i bet the look doesn't change. he needs the "the washington post" to seem as original as possible. >> "the washington post" needs him too. >> exactly. win/win. we hate to say it when it comes to finance because it's a kiss of death. the bottom line is media people are not good business people. all right? they don't have business backgrounds. it's been part of a legacy of this business here. you have people who know how to be journalist and they don't know p&l and how to grow a company. this is a marriage of a man who knows how to manage the money flow and know about journalism. >> i think we should give the graham family credit for selling to someone like him. >> they have done a good job. >> i think we will be watching
3:26 am
this transition closely. >> i will. >> thanks, rana. talk to you later. we will take a break here on "new day." when we come back, a hauntsing question. is it safe to swim? of course, the! but we will talk about the shark sightings. >> a new buzz about a new clinton campaign and we are not talking about bill or hillary. we are talking about chelsea. what she told cnn exclusively coming up. cute! waiter! girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding. ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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good tuesday music for you. welcome to "new day."
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it is august 6th. i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning. i'm kate bolduan. >> is it safe to go into the water? shark sightings on the rise along the east coast and john berman will tell us what is really going on. >> not a great chance getting bitten by a shark. 1 in 3. million but better chance than winning the lottery. 1 in 175 million. the jackpot stands at 400 million. we are close to the day we see a lottery prize topping $1 billion, we will take you through that. a lot of news in the morning. making news at this hour, police in eastern pennsylvania now identifying the suspect in that deadly shooting at a town supervisor meeting by rockne newell. state police say he had ongoing dispute over issues with his sewer and the condemnation of his property. more breaking news this
3:31 am
morning. according to cnn's barbara starr, the u.s. air force vaticaning u.s. personnel out of yemen and comes hours after a warning from the u.s. state department that all americans need to leave yemen immediately. following a terror thet. 13 players suspended from major league baseball including alex rodriguez. he is not shown the love during his first at-bat on monday night against chicago. >> alex rodriguez. >> a-rod was suspended for 211 games. he has appealed and is allowed to play at least until his appeal is heard. a sink hole on a street in miami beach nearly swallowed a sports car. officials say it was a small break along a water main but crew and caused the street away
3:32 am
to give way. emergency crews were able to rescue the driver and pull that car out of the sink hole. police offering $10 thueds in reward money about the murder of a university of michigan medical student who was found dead at his ann arbor apartment on july 24th. no weapon found at the scene and police treating it as a homicide. troy walker was this close to bowling perfection at a tournament in houston this past weekend. a strike away from 300 when this happened! watch! denied! >> are you kidding me? >> the reset rack came down and blocked his ball. turns out he may have been -- it may have been his fault. walker says he hit a reset button right before his throw! by the way, he did get a redo. >> and? >> wa, wa, wa! >> second to golf in terms of having to keep your voice down.
3:33 am
they went, oh, my god, did you see that? >> not meaning to laugh but so outrageous, we are laughing. >> that hasn't happened since williams in 1960. >> the thing is he'll remember that forever. he'll remember that day. >> of course, he will. >> this close to perfection! >> with fury! >> we will take you bowling any time. go bowling with me. you'll feel great. time now for our political gut check. all of the stories you need to know coming out of washington and around the country. first off, republican governor speaking out against those in their own party. they are saying a government shutdown shouldn't be used as a bargaining chip against the president. cnn's white house correspondent brianna keilar is here to break it down for us. good morning. you have big-named republicans. we have talked about marco rubio and ted cruz are leveling the threat of a government shutdown if the health care is battled in these ahead. eric cantor and paul ryan and
3:34 am
now republican governors. >> reporter: this schism is between republican leadership and backed tea party leads in congress and republican governors, for instance, we are not talking about moderate republican governors. scott walker of wisconsin. a number of governors who have said we don't like obama care. we are not even implementing some of the provisions that we have the discretion to implement or not in our states. we don't think it's good for the economy. but we think it is really bad for the economy to sort of say you know what? we may go ahead and shut down the government over this. they are really worried about the economic impacts in their states and they have come out publicly and said that. >> the political risk here is that republicans could then face being blamed if the government did eventually shut down, if the president, you know, kind of called their bluff. why are republicans like rubio and paul and rand paul, why are they willing to take this risk? >> reporter: you have to look at who they are trying to appeal to
3:35 am
and it's different than who maybe republican leaders are trying to appeal to or who republican governors are trying to appeal to. right? they are trying to appeal to a wider swath of voters when your are look at ted cruz or rand paul or marco rubio. they are looking at the right flank and tea party supporters who are enthusiastic about them. politically those are the folks they are trying to shore up here. it's not really a surprise, i think. >> i think "the new york times" put it the difference between the purist and pragmatist. we have talked about chelsea clinton a few times. every time she has done interviews recently she has been pretty coy about her future kind of political aspirations but in an interview with cnn, she went quite a bit further this time. >> reporter: she is not really shutting the door. she said i live in a place where i'm happy with my representatives but she sort of said if i was in a place where i wasn't, then maybe i would consider it. she is kind of keeping the door open and even though she is not
3:36 am
saying, i'm gont run, this is something that really stirs up a lot of interests. now, she has said before that she would have to have a disproportionately positive impact and i think what is sort of interesting here it's kind of like she has gone from absolutely not to not absolutely not. so i wonder if maybe we are reading too much into it? it might remind me of that perhaps "dumb and dumber" lines where the odds are one in a million and jim carrey says, "so you're saying there is a chance?" >> any time we can bring "dumb and dumber" quote checks is what i call a good day! >> there is still a chance. >> a few days "dumb and dumber" sent what it describes. just kidding. no, i'm not. coming up on a break for us. shocking video of a school bus attack. you remember seeing this, right? three 15-year-olds against one 13-year-old and raises a lot of concerns what is going on in our schools and bullying comes to mind. how safe are your kids on the
3:37 am
bus? as we now know, it's not the job for the drivers to break up fights like this. we will take you through it. shark sightings on the rise. you see the signs? get scared! no, don't. is it safe to swim at your favorite beach? john berman has the answer for you coming up. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection
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welcome back to "new day." i feel oddly compelled to read this next tale like a movie trailer for us, do you know what i mean? sharks suddenly all over the place. falling from the sky. shark nano which we know is real and shark week is keeping me up late at night. the truth is this time of the year you can't escape the deadly predator. experts say shark sightings are on the rise along the east coast so legitimate question are we at risk of being attacked?
3:41 am
who do we bring in when we have a tough question like that? john berman. >> that trailer voice leaves something to be desired. second of all, do you know the ratings the premiere shark week were the highest ratings they have ever had in we are talking in 26 years more people watch that show than ever before. as that is happening, the number of shark sightings in some parts of the country are on the rise too. scientists say when it comes to these interactions, it is much more a case of human invasion. >> reporter: call it the summer of the shark. the underwater predators are making a big splash on popular shows like "sharknado" in discovery channel's shark peek. >> this thing is a monster. >> it turns occupy the hammer heads and great whites aren't just invading your tv screen. the shark sightings on the rise in the real world too from the carolinas. >> i saw him and he jumped up
3:42 am
and bit me. i tried to push him away. he got off. >> reporter: so florida. >> trying to catch a wave and, all of a sudden, i feel something on my foot. >> reporter: look what these guys caught off the california coast. >> if you had fallen out of the boat when this thing was swimming around the boat, you were lunch. >> reporter: recently researchers have noticed an increase in great white sharks off cape cod not far from the original location for the movie "jaws." the nonprofit group starting tagging these and asking why. the worldwide shark population is actually at an all-time low. they say the close encounters are due to humans spending more time in the water and moving closer to habitats long occupied by sharks. >> when you have more people out there looking or more people on or about the water and when you have more eyeballs out there you're going to get more shark sightings. if anything we are enroaching on shark habitat more so than
3:43 am
otherwise. >> reporter: before you develop a case of sharkitis, know it is extremely rare to be attacked by a shark. >> it's not in terms of probability we worry about, however, it doesn't take many shark attacks to get people to think about it and nobody likes to think of something in the water that can bite you. >> reporter: and they do have a lot of teeth. in the meantime, "new day" is following cape cod exhibition of 2013. it is led by the research team o-search. we will have their story and their exploration on this show later this week. >> look slowly to your left. go back to john. look slowly to your left. you are face to face schnauz to schnauz with a big fish! you know what? i think you can take him. people don't know that side of j.b. but i do. perfect opportunity to go around the world, everyone. start in cairo.
3:44 am
two republican u.s. senators have arrived for walks with egypt's interim leaders and members of the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: can u.s. senators john mccain and lindsey graham do what many have tried here in egypt and failed? can they come in and get the two sides of this conflict to stop fighting, to sit down and reach some sort of political solution? that is their mission during their visit here. they will be meeting with both camps in this conflict. the military backed interim government on one side. on the other side the supporters of the ousted president muhammad morsi and muslim brotherhood. this has left to clashes killed more than 200 people. washington simply cannot afford further chaos in egypt. a key u.s. ally, a recipient of 1.5 billion in u.s. aid every year. kate? >> thank you so much. torrential rains causing deadly flooding in pakistan this morning. >> reporter: at least 81 people
3:45 am
killed and more than 66,000 displaced from their homes. they had to flee the floodwaters. so far, worst cases seem to be the southern provinces of sin. pakistan helpful relies on its agricultural industry of more than 13,000 acres of crops have also been destroyed. so far, 15 relief camps have been set up, but many more will be needed. back to you, kate. >> thanks. to china now. china is in the middle of a sweltering heat wave that won't seem to let up and people aren't the only ones suffering. zoo animals are feeling it as well. >> reporter: the headline reed the hottest day of the year. in fact, it's been the hottest temperatures in china for at least 150 years. this heat wave is bad enough for us but for animals designed for the cold, it's that much worse. as the zoo, polar bears taking a dip there and feeding the arctic foxes, frozen fish. the tigers, well, all they get
3:46 am
is a block of ice. the problem is no end in sight for the animals or for just ordinary people because the temperatures will be well over 100 degrees for at least the next several days. kate, back to you. >> talk about a heat wave. it's one of those things to get people upset about animals in captainity. take them out of their habitat, tough to keep them happy. the trial for the accused ft. hood starts today. >> his life is on the line so very interesting case of self-defense in defending yourself rather and we will have suni take us through that. the big squeeze. this guy might want to cut down on the fancy feast. just sayin'. >> just suggesting. >> look at this kid. come on! >> i don't know if that qualifies as a kitty cat.
3:47 am
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♪ perfect music for today's must see moment. it's like garfield and reincarnated. check it out a fat cat who is trying to squeeze through a small doggie door. at 26 pounds he apparently has had too many serves of meow mix! i think the impetus of the struggle is this cat's owner says really hates the outtors! >> first of all, i blame the owner.
3:51 am
second of all, let's do a split screen with garfield. look at the head to body. >> i think the owner is trying to get the cat to exercise. you don't think you need to work out? make it through the door. >> unless the cat has a thyroid issue. only because of what he is feeding him. give the cat a break. lean out the plate there and don't give -- maybe have a dog dish for that thing. >> poor cat. we will have him on tomorrow. >> the cat will comment. >> we may have to wind up paying this cat. coming up next, a-rod takes the field for the yankees in chicago hours after getting hit with the longest ever drug suspension. we have fan reaction and much more on a-rod's baseball future ahead. plus, why did a local resident decide to make a town hall meeting a murder scene? we are live with the details. protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein...
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even smarter. online scheduling. available now at a little bit of tough news for sports fans. you know, certainly bad news for tony stewart fans. looks like he is out of action for quite a while after another crash last night on a dirt track. let's bring in andy shoals with the "bleacher report." >> reporter: stewart loves going out on the dirt track and racing. he was winning last night's race in iowa but five laps to go he was involved in a crash and had to be taken out on a stretcher. he suffered a broken tibia and fibula which required surgery. no word on how long he is going to be out. remember, it was just last week that stewart was involved in this rollover accident during a
3:56 am
race in ottawa. very scary. the car rolled over five times. he walked away from that wreck just fine but he was not as lucky last night. wish for a speedy recovery. a day after espn reported the ncaa is investigating johnny manziel to receive money for autographs another dealer tells espn that he would not sign autographs without compensation. texas a&m says they are looking into the situation and they announced they have retained the same law firm that penn state and auburn used while they were being investigated by the ncaa. next time you make a bet, here's a good idea. the loser has to ride around on a tricycle in a giant beaver costume. inside this beaver costume is indy driver alex tagliani. he lost a bet on who could raise more money for charity. he goes around the indiana state fair has has to do all kinds of things like milk cows and take a
3:57 am
picture with the largest male hog while wearing a giant beaver costume. >> also known as the coolest state fair ever was. >> i think it says it on a sign. >> i know that. i've been this many a time. >> did you like win something at the fair? >> everything! >> did you? >> andy, thanks very much. appreciate it, pal. you hear the music and you know what it means. time for "the rock block." a quick round of the stories we will be talking about this morning. michaela? >> tsa branching out the agency known for the uncomfortable airport screenings expanding its reach to include train stations and sporting events and music festivals. a new baby boom in the l.a. times. women in their 40s now likely to have babies now than at any time the last four plus decade. from "the wall street journal" water power jet packs seem to be the newest rage at beaches. they propel riders into the air
3:58 am
with a stream of water but also sparking safety concerns. time for business news with alison kosik. >> a new record high on wall street, did you notice? facebook shares topping $39 and up in premarket trading this morning. facebook saying it's selling more ads on mobile devices and as for the overall market lower today. a lot of clunkers on the road. the average age of a vehicle in the u.s. just over 11 years. that is actually a record high. cars are more reliable these days and people are hanging on to them because of the sluggish economy. shachevy is knocking $5,000f the price of the volt. nissan and honda have been offering discounts on their electric cars too. what is the goal? to boost sales. let's get to indra petersons for the weather. a tropical update. h henriette. the consensus it will weaken
3:59 am
before close to hawaii. that is a plus side there. heavy rain expected today. we are talking about 4 to 9 inches of rain that has already fallen right around waynesville, missouri this morning. glad floosh emergency in effect currently in that location. another 2 to 4 inches of rain expected. as far as severe weather today talking stretching from minneapolis straight down to the north of missouri. a lot of heavy rain still in the forecast and eventually to the east by tomorrow. >> always raining. >> always. >> that's all right. thanks so much. before the top of the hour, you know it means it's time for the top news. ♪ the shooter came into the building. shot several rounds. was captured. >> breaking overnight. a town meeting turns into a blood bath. an irate resident opens fire and killing three. mean the town official who took him down. under fire. alex rodriguez takes to the field and the fans tell him how they feel. a-rod vows to fight back.
4:00 am
can he beat this historic 200-game suspension? happening this morning. facing a killer. the alleged ft. hood shooter goes on trial this morning defending himself. victims will be cross-examined by the man they say shot them. your "new day" starts right now! what you need to know. >> you've been doing steroids and still don't get hit. why are on the team? >> you need to know right here. >> i feel a little lucky today. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> welcome back. it's tuesday. august 6th. 7:00 in the east. i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning. i'm kate bolduan. we are joined by news woman michaela pereira. amid a brand-new terror theft, we are learning more
4:01 am
about that al qaeda message that prompted the closures of 19 u.s. embassies and consulates across the middle east and africa. california on alert. amber alert this morning for a 16-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother. police are looking for a man that they believe killed their mother and another child, then took them. we will give you the breaking details. then video that we first brought you yesterday. a savage beating on a school bus is sparking outrage. parents wondering why the driver didn't stop the fight. it turns out he did not have to and neither do other bus drivers. here is the question, though. are we doing enough to keep our kids safe? >> especially as parents. we are going to take a look at that this morning. first, we do have breaking news. three people dead. several others wounded after a gunman opened fire at a town hall meeting in eastern pennsylvania. police say the suspected shooter was involved in an ongoing property dispute with town officials and foolishly attempted to end that dispute
4:02 am
with a gun. live now to cnn's poppy harlow in saylorsburg. what do we know? >> reporter: this is a small quaint, usually calm down, that one county official says is never in the newspapers, but it is this morning for a horrific deadly shooting that unfolded right behind me last night at about 7:30 p.m. several people killed and several others wounded in the hospital as we speak but this could have been more deadly were it not for a great act of heroism. the normally calm town council meeting turned into horror in seconds. authorities say this man, rockne newell entered the ross township meeting and sprayed bullets to the 15 people and attendees. >> as you can imagine, multiple people shot there and, you know, struggle there. you know, it was chaotic. >> reporter: police say newell
4:03 am
fired before entering the building and killing three and wounding several more with what is described as a long gun. a local reporter in the room said, i heard more than ten shots and saw plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls. then police say newell was tableed to the ground after leaving to retrieve a handgun. >> he then again reproached the building and entered the building again firing a weapon and was subsequently tackled and brought to the ground. >> reporter: witnesses say one of the men who tackled him, bernie kosan, bear hugged new dell and bringing him to the ground and authorities credit ker kozan for saving lives. >> if he would have entered the building with handgun he would have killed other people. >> reporter: local media from the last year, suggest new dell was troubled and described by neighbors as a junk collector and ordered to vacate his property after it was condemned by the town following a year's long battle with the township's
4:04 am
board of supervisors. he told the pocono record last year, looks like i'm going to be homeless because i have nowhere to go. again, here, chris, the big question is what was the motive in this shooting? police only have one suspect and it is that man that we just told you about. but let's focus on the victims, because three innocent people lost their lives here last night at this town meeting. we know that several others are injured at this hour. we know that three of them were treated and released from an area hospital so that is good news. the condition of at least one of the other injured taken to a hospital is not known at this hour. the suspect was also shot and taken to a hospital and treated. we don't know why he did this. we don't know whether anyone was being specifically targeted or not. that is yet to be seen. chris? >> poppy, i'll take. so many questions still lingering out there this morning. thanks. two u.s. military transport
4:05 am
planes on the ground in yemen this morning to evacuate american citizens. the state department urging all americans to leave the country in the face of a looming terror threat. barbara starr is live at the pentagon. you're getting more news on that evacuation, barbara? >> yes, good morning. >> reporter: the pentagon announced a short time ago that two u.s. mitt aircraft landed in yemen and departed and carrying about 90 americans out of the the country. those planes will land in germany in the coming hours. part of the effort to get american citizens out of the country. the embassy is reducing its personnel so if trouble breaks out, they will not be able to help americans left in yemen. the concern about the terrorist threat remains at an extremely high level. what we know is that alarm bells were set off across washington days ago when they intercepted a message from ayman al zawahiri. the message saying do something.
4:06 am
clear implications that they wanted to get an attack moving. all indications, all of the intelligence pointing to the fact we are told that al qaeda in yemen may, in fact, be in the final stages of planning an attack. that is why the u.s. embassy is telling americans to get out of the country. that is why two u.s. military aircraft landed a short time ago, picked up about 90 americans and are bringing them out. kate, chris? >> real quick. any update how long the embassies and consulates are expected to remain closed? >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in yemen and along with several other countries' embassies in yemen are being closed for several days. this could go on for a while, we are told. it is hand in hand with a travel advisory to all americans to be careful about traveling in the region. >> barbara, thanks so much from the pentagon for us this morning. baseball's most controversial figure is back in pinstripes morning.
4:07 am
for the first time in last fall alex rodriguez suited up in a uniform and played in chicago last night. he is appealing an 211-game suspension for ties to performance-enhancing drugs. jason carroll is live in chicago morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a rough night for roge rodriguez. the boos and chants and jeers. through it all, rodriguez says he is fighting for his life. the sounds of boos and cheers echoing throughout u.s. cellular field in chicago on monday night as alex rodriguez debuted for the yankees, just hours after major league baseball announced it was suspending him for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. the embattled third baseman talked about what it has been like living under a cloud of suspicion. >> the last seven months has been a nightmare.
4:08 am
probably the worst time of my life. >> reporter: rodriguez was one of 13 players suspended monday. the other 12 players receiving 50-game suspensions for using performance-enhancing drugs. the peds allegedly provided by the now defunct anti-aging clinic in florida, biogenesis. rodriguez's punishment far worse. the top a-player suspension was effective thursday is through the 2014 season, 211 games without pay, which could cost him $31 million. major league baseball commissioner saying in a statement the suspension is based on his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone, over the course of multiple years. mlb officials also alleging rodriguez attempted to cover up his violations and obstruct their investigation. rodriguez says he'll appeal. in the past, rodriguez has also denied a connection to the
4:09 am
former head of biogenesis and taking peds from the clinic, but when asked more than once to clarify on monday, rodriguez dodged those questions. >> we will have a forum to discuss all of that and we will talk about it then. >> i think he did cheat. he needs to be punished in some way. >> reporter: well, postgame, rodriguez says he is hoping for a happy outcome. he also said during the appeal, he is hoping everyone, everyone most likely meaning the media and fans, can take a step back, take a time-out, take a deep breath and let him prove himself during the appeal. kate? >> jason carroll, thanks so much for that update this morning. let's talk more about alex rodriguez suspension and what this means for major league baseball. mike is joining us this morning. thanks for coming in. >> absolutely. >> clearly, this is not over. a long road ahead it seems for alex rodriguez and the yankees and the league. what are you hearing about the
4:10 am
appeals processere is a likelih that his suspension will be modified, maybe not as long? >> it might be modified from 211 games to 200 games. every indication is that alex rodriguez is not going to claim i never did it and in fact, he has admitted in the past he is a ped user. he is going to concentrate on the process and say why am i getting more than four times as many games suspended as all of these other players? the letter of the law the joint bargaining agreement says first-time abusers are supposed to get 50 games and by letter of the law he is a first-time user. major league baseball says because you obstructed the investigation but they don't have the language set down on paper and says when you do that you get an extra 161 games. >> what we're seeing is the evolution of this sport in terms of dealing with these drugs, because this ain't pine tar, brother, right? we are talking about controlled
4:11 am
substances. some are illegal. aren't they going to have to up the league? aren't they going to have to up what they show in order to justify a suspension like this? >> i think that are upping the ante in terms of how aggressive they are in the investigation. they really went after biogenesis which was the south florida clinic that provided these peds and paid off the owner major league baseball did or paid some sources or offered to pay some sources so the gloves are off. the lesson is we are not going to be able to catch these guys which is drug testing. there have been 16 people suspended so 13 yesterday, bartolo colon and ryan braun and melky cabrera beforehand. they were only ones popped with positive tests so they have to figure out ways with records and with investigation and with, you know, flipping witnesses to catch these drug cheaters. it's hard. >> we are hearing from the players and the players association and we are hearing from the commissioner but what about the owners? we are hearing sort of radio silence from them.
4:12 am
is it like they are turning a blind eye to what is happening in their club? >> i think time was that was the case. you know, after the strike and when mcgwire and sosa battled it out for home runs the owners were happy to take everyone's money. now a realization that peds are bad for the game. they have made some progress. until they change the culture and the calculation of players, melky cabrera just signed a $16 million contract after he got popped for drugs! ryan braun signed $105 million dollar extension and a-rod is the richest player in the history of baseball. peds and peds and for them, peds in their mind might be the difference between a major league career and making hundreds of thousands of dollars and working in a factory or a sugar cane field in the dominican republic. so for them the calculation is it's a chance they could take. >> a-rod has suggested his
4:13 am
salary made him an easy target. he is suggesting that and there is obviously a wink, wink, nod, nod, toward the owners of the yankees. any evidence of that? >> it seems like the yankees were doing whatever they could to keep him off the field. they were acting like his mild quad strange was a huge injury. in terms of just logic if they wouldn't have to pay this guy who is barrel a useful player it would have been logical of them not to do so but you can't prove that and really why might a-rod be kept off the field? something someone else did or something he did? >> right. don't spread the blame. >> we all lived through lance armstrong and what it took to prove that. if you want to be in the prosecution game, this isn't you punch me during a game and here is the fine. you had pine tar, it was wrong. here is the fine. this is litigation. this is investigation. a lot of these substances are illegal. >> oh, yeah. >> this is a new world they are getting into. >> yeah. and it's complicated and it's a fight. it's going to be a fight. >> mike, great to meet you.
4:14 am
thank you. >> great shoes. i hope people got to see them. suede puma. strong choice. >> he is bringing it. >> strong choice for "new day." first up, michaela has an amber alert out of california. >> a real concern and want everybody to keep their eyes peeled. breaking overnight an amber alert issued in southern california. police are looking for 16-year-old hanna anderson and her 8-year-old brother ethan. a fire. a murder. a possible kidnapping. deputies in san diego are right now frantically searching for two children they believe have been abducted. >> they could have gone to another state or another country potentially. we just don't know at this point. they could be, you know, a mile from here. we just don't really have any information as to where they may have been gone. >> reporter: 16-year-old hanna anderson and her little brother ethan anderson van issued sunday night. their mother 44-year-old christina aned was found dead
4:15 am
inside a burning home in the lakeside community in san diego county. deputies also found the body of a child but they have not revealed his or her identity. in the meantime, an amber alert has been issued for hanna and ethan. and investigators say this man, 40-year-old james dimaggio is suspected of killing them. >> we have uncovered a lot of evidence and all of those things combined led us to our conclusion one or more of the children may be with dimaggio. >> he was a friend of the family and it was his home where their mother was found dead. police are looking for that blue car you just saw on the screen. it's a blue nissan versa. deputies believe dimaggio intentionally set his home a on fire. two young boys strang woule their beds. police say it was a snake that
4:16 am
killed them. the python close to 100 pounds and 15 feet long apparently escaped from a reptile store that was below from the boys were sleeping. riverside county, 1,500 acres have burned. mandatory evacuations ordered for homes in the decker canyon area and rancho. highways and roads are currently closed. in lloyd's of london hoping 1.3 million dollar reward will help them find brazen jewelry thieves who swiped $136 million of jewels in broad daylight and it happened in cannes in late july. a former julie thief turned author said it was a definitely a professional heist and suspects the thief had an inside source that told him where to
4:17 am
find those jewels. the princeton review named the university of iowa the nation's best party school, this despite efforts from iowa city to keep underaged drinkers out of city bars. let's round out the top five. university of california santa barbara. the university of illinois urbana champaign and western universal and syracuse university. parents who currently have their kids looking at applications are crossing those schools off their list. >> the list kids love and parents hate. none of them are cheap. >> you would know. >> they are all hawkeyes. i love that shout-out. no way i'm running that past! >> we are also not letting pass is the weather. >> i couldn't let that slide. we have severe weather this morning we need to talk about. heavy rain continuing to fall around waynesville and southern portions of missouri and east of springfield.
4:18 am
talking 4 to 9 inches of rain has fallen since midnight this morning. that is rainfall rates over 2 inches per hour. so that is definitely some heavy rain throughout the area. we are talking about some swift water rescues now currently 20 homes reporting flash flooding throughout their homes and currently on their roofs trying to be rescued. a cold front sliding through the area so means more rain in the area in the same region. 2 to 4 inches in the forecast today. that rain eventually is going to be spreading anywhere from the planes to the mid-atlantic by tomorrow. a lot of rain in the forecast for many of us. then the opposite side of this. the heat. i'm feeling your pain. we are talking about heat that feels like what the northeast had just a few weeks ago. heat indices to 100 to 115. bad memories coming our way. talking about temperatures that feel like 111, possibly 115 around corpus christi. stay cool! >> stay inside.
4:19 am
thanks, indr. >> sure. coming up on "new day," a big trial to watch. the man suspected in the ft. hood massacre goes on trial today and guess what? he is his own lawyer. will he be his worst enemy as a result? we will analyze it. raising concerns over the safety of students and questions about the rules of bus drivers. we've been bringing people together. today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us. obesity. and as the nation's leading beverage company, we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices. and offering portion controlled versions of our most popular drinks. it also means working with our industry to voluntarily change what's offered in schools.
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welcome back to "new day." this trial is going to be one to watch.
4:23 am
it is the trial of army major nadal hasan and gets underway today. the accused ft. hood shooter charged with killing 13 people and attempting to kill more in a 2009 terror act. he will act as his own attorney and that is unusual and comes with certain consequences. it means he will be able to cross-examine some of the same people he is accused of shooting. chris lawrence is at the pentagon. he has the very latest. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we are just a few hours away from the start of this hearing. hasan acting his his own attorney no one knows what to expect but some of the survivors may end up facing tough questions from the very man that they believe tried to kill them. witnesses army major goes on trial today for allegedly murdering 13 fellow soldiers and civilians he may not put on much of a defense. major nadal hasan only plans to call two witnesses. 32 people survived the massacre
4:24 am
at ft. hood in 2009. when prosecutors bring some of them to the stand, hasan, himself, will be doing the cross-examination. >> it is going to be very difficult. it will be painful. >> reporter: survivors have waited four years to tell their story in court. >> all of a sudden, you just hear al act bar somewhere and just pow, pow! just shooting everywhere. >> reporter: retired shoj miold mick engle remembers hasan shooting at him and pulling the trigger. >> hit me the side of the neck and blood went everywhere. >> reporter: while the physical scars are fading, unseen injuries linger. >> since the shooting, i just -- i don't know what happened, but my short-term memory is just -- is not existing. >> reporter: hasan's former attorney says he has a right to represent himself even if survivors have to be subjected to his questions. >> their sensitivities on the
4:25 am
issue, i think, are subordinate to his constitutional right to act as his own attorney. >> reporter: hasan has claimed he was protecting the taliban from soldiers soon employing to fight them in afghanistan. the judge has ruled out that defense so it remains to be seen how he will defend his actions. since the shooting, hasan has earned about 300,000 dollars courtesy of the same government that is trying to convict him. army officials tell us they are simply following the law and can't stop paying a soldier who has not yet been sentenced. if hasan is convicted and sentenced the judge could impose a fine so some of that money could go towards that. >> you're making an important there, chris. especially important for the government to do everything right and we are about to explain why. joining us is a former prosecutor, suni hostan. on one level this is a formality. they have a very, very strong
4:26 am
case here against the major. however, there is a reason for them to be very careful, especially with a major defending himself and that is? >> sure. this is a case they want to stick. when you have someone defending himself, you have to make sure everything, the lines are all taken care of because it can be an appellate issue. you don't observe see people defending themselves, especially in a capital case. you sometimes see it in misdemeanor cases but rarely felony cases and i don't think i've seen it in a death penalty case. they will have standby attorneys next to him and they spent a lot of money making sure he receives a fair trial. i think that is one of the reasons, chris, why you haven't seen a terror charge. i think that is why you've seen premeditated murder charges because you go with the case that is the strongest. you go with the least controversial case when you want to get a conviction and, clearly, the government wants to get a conviction here. >> so he is defending himself and as chris points out, the
4:27 am
outrageous factor in that -- for more than one reason, he could cross-examine the victims in this case. >> sure. >> how is that going to play out in this court-martial? the judge must have to be very careful to make sure he is not attacking or badgering these witnesses. >> it makes the judge's job much more difficult. i've seen defendants represent themselves in criminal cases and i recall one case where the defendant is cross-examining a victim and saying, when you were shot, the victim responded says, you mean when you shot me? that is kind of thing you're going to see. it's very traumatic for victims but the judge, if she does the right thing, if she does her job well, she will do what it takes to protect the process and also protect the victims. but it's going to be fascinating. i don't think it's ever happened before in this kind of case. >> an unusual ruling in this case will make it interesting to watch. one of the things the judge decided is major nadal hasan cannot offer as proof in the shooting his defense of islam
4:28 am
which he says is why he did it. now, what does that mean? >> you know, i think this judge has tried to be, again, very careful in terms of preserving any appellate issues. the judge doesn't want there to be any appellate issues. this is, by far, about premeditated murder and the actions which he hasn't admitted to doing. when you start getting into why you did it, it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. i got to tell you i don't know that that is going to hold when he gets on the witness stand. i suspect he is going to get on the witness stand in his own defense and give a speech because this very much is about his views as opposed to what happened. >> she can limit what he says? >> she can, she can. i think it's going to be really fascinating. i think it's going to be difficult when you have someone's right to testify and he invokes his right to testify and get on the witness stand and you sort of contrain what he has to say. it's going to be a dance that they are going to do. >> interesting about this he
4:29 am
offered to plead guilty but that would have taken the death penalty option off the table. the prosecution didn't accept it so that is clearly what they are going for? >> in a military case you can't plead straight up to the denial penalty. i think that is unique in the military system because oftentimes, a defendant just pleads straight up to the indictment and the judge sentences him. that is not going to happen here. we know that the government wants this to be a death penalty case. the government wants to make sure that he is -- >> how do you -- do you think that is the case? >> it goes to the president. the president has to authorize the death penalty if he is convicted. >> no president has even if they were pro death penalty themselves. >> exactly but i think this is a different case. you're talking about a man who was in the military, a psychiatrist, who killed his fellow soldiers. something like that i can't imagine in 12 or 15 years which is likely after all the appellate process winds down, that this is going in front of a president. i can't imagine a president
4:30 am
wouldn't authorize the death penalty so it's a first on many levels. >> sunny, thanks so much. >> sure. >> this is a fascinating day and many days away. as sunny pointed out, 10, 15 years down the road -- before the death penalty happens. still ahead on "new day" americans are talking about school bus safety after this video. this comes in in a while and it's important to talk about some school districts don't want their bus drivers getting involved and breaking up these fights. >> it raises a lot of questions about what the parents and school can do about that. listen up. powerball jackpot at cool $4 million. how high can these prizes go? we will tell you if you come back. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online
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♪ the who. welcome back, everybody. this is "new day." it's tuesday, august 6th. i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning, i'm indicate bolduan. we are here with news anchor michaela pereira. a school bus sparking new debate about a school bus driver. are we doing all we can to protect our students? plus, the great matt damon faces what he says is the biggest challenge of his life. sitting down with the one and only kate bolduan.
4:35 am
>> well, it will be fun. we will have the interview for you coming up. he's in a new movie and you'll want to hear about. it. >> could be the lead story but there is other news. >> there is, unfortunately. no, not unfortunately. let's get straight to michaela for the headlines. in eastern pennsylvania, now identifying the suspect in a deadly shooting at a town supervisors meeting is rockne newelll. three people killed in monday's shooting and others wound. they are saying he had issues with the town hall. alex rodriguez is one of 13 players suspended after the use of investigation into performance-enhancing drugs. he is appealing the 211-game suspension. he is expected to play out the season. he was booed during his first at-bat in monday night's game against chicago. the 12 other players, meanwhile, accepted their 50-game suspensions without pay. former police officer brett
4:36 am
seacat sentenced to life in prison. minutes before sentenced he accused the judge of hiding evidence that says proves his innocence. back in june, seacat was accused of shooting his wife days after she filed for divorce and setting their house on fire to cover up evidence. founder jeff bezos knows how to deliver packages but does he know how on to deliver the news? he is spend $250 million to purchase the "the washington post." he says the values of the post do not need changing. he will become the paper's sole owner when the sale goes through and expected to take about two months. fans of "wally" check it out. amateur robot builder mike mcmaster has done this. no easy task. to make sure wally was built to
4:37 am
scale he had to have dogs. the dogs unimpressed by wally. but i think it's a pretty amazing thing that he was able to do that and bring it to life. >> cutest animated movies of all time. wink, wink. so cute. just like yours. >> thank you. >> so cute. >> i get a lot of that. please continue. >> i will. thank you very much. one of the stories we have been talking about a lot this week. a powerful reaction to the shocking school bus beating video off florida. many questioning why the school bus driver didn't step in and try to stop it? turns out he is not required to and neither are many school bus drivers around the nation. pamela brown joins us with more. >> this is appears to be a growing problem. in schools you have teachers and administrators to help out when there is a fight but on a school bus typically only one adult in charge when bullying occurs. the question we are trying to answer today is what should you
4:38 am
do with when violence is breaking out and what is being done to break the cycle. >> reporter: this disturbing cell phone video showing three teens brutally beating a 13-year-old boy in pinellas, florida, in july is latest example of bullying on school buss. the driver behind the wheel in this case 64-year-old john moody. instead of jumping in to break up the fight, he looked on in horror and called for help. >> i did all i can. i was looking. it was like i was in shock. >> reporter: pa nellas school pool, no nationwide policy to deal with school bus violence and every school district has its own. >> the driver has to take the totality of the circumstances in circumstance. if he leaves the front of the bus does he put other children at risk? >> reporter: the department of education says 10% of bully
4:39 am
being incidents happen on the bus. it's not only students being bullied. remember this grandmother who a was taunted on the bus by kids she was monitoring? and sometimes parents get involved. >> don't touch my child! >> reporter: this mother pleaded no contest on slapping a child on her child's bus. >> the school bus is an extension of the school and the same discipline applies. i think the kids believe it's harder to get caught and when he they do do something it's harder for one adult to intervene. >> now some school district are trying to put the brakes on school bus bullying. many states give antibullying to many drivers but many think the responsibility ultimately lies with the parents here. experts suggest parents talk with their kids about bullying and meet with which were child's school bus driver and talk about assigned seating if there is
4:40 am
potential bullying between their child and another child. clearly, this is still a big issue and no good solution right now. >> needs a lot of work. it is still happening and happens all the time as we talk about it yesterday. >> it's a common thing and cultural thing. the driver is a distraction. the laws are so tight on them and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. he was in a lenient one where he is allowed under his rules to get involved if he can do it in a safe way. how do you break up a fight in a safe way with three kids jumping on one? the other kids on the bus, they didn't do anything. why? they are afraid but it's also about what you're taught to do and what you accept and reject. where is the school? this is bullying. this is bullying. i know it's a onetime beat-down. they were coming to this kid about coming forward and telling who was selling drugs to them. where is the school on this? then as you say, where are the parents? they are 15 years old. it at all starts at home.
4:41 am
we want to blame the schools and society but what are you teaching your kids and why aren't you accountable when something like this happens? i'm surprised more people in authority aren't coming forward to discuss this. >> it's easy to blame the bus driver here. it would be a different story if he did jump in and pull the kids and threw them on other -- >> pam brown is here saying this is his case before the police who then charged him when some mom or dad came forward and said you hurt my kid. >> it's difficult. you don't know necessarily the context of how many fights we have seen on the buses. there is a lot of context we don't have. >> right. we know 10%, according to the u.s. department of education, but that is just what we know has been reported. think how much the problem probably is. >> it comes down to the bus driver. you're in trouble. if that is your best defense about these situations where there is so much you can do in so many other places. >> thanks, pamela. >> thank you. what do you think? get involved with the
4:42 am
discussion, please. this is one worth talking about. get us online. we should move this story forward. we will take a break and give you time to respond. here is a provocative question. how did we find a suspect in the ben ghazi attack before the u.s. government could? erin burnett will be here live talking about her special investigation. the truth about ben ghazi. the powerball jackpot stands at $400 million! you probably know because you probably bought a ticket. could we one day see $1 billion lottery drawing? say it isn't so. >> if i win, i can come to work the next day. can you say the same? >> sure. >> come on! ♪ while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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♪ party >> welcome back. perfect song. feel like an extra, let's say, what? $400 million? figure out what you can spend
4:46 am
that on? that is the powerball jackpot and could be chump change compared to the jackpots in the future. shocked? so was i but alison kosik tells us that is the truth. >> a lot of dreams relying on this powerball jackpot. you're talking about people lining up and hope to get a piece of it and it means that the jackpot will grow even bigger. >> reporter: americans have 400 million reasons to look forward to wednesday night. >> get out those ticket and let's play powerball. >> reporter: the 400 million dollar powerball jackpot that is keeping stores like this busy across the u.s. >> powerball, five tickets, $10. >> they are not buying dollar tickets. they are buying 10, 20, more, 50. >> reporter: this jackpot is the third largest powerball ever and the more who buy, the bigger the pot. players may be buying for much more in years to come. >> you could see maybe in the next several years, maybe an
4:47 am
elusive billion dollar jackpot. >> reporter: that's right. a billion with a "b." since the first drawing in 1992, jackpots have gotten bigger. and bigger. and bigger. in june, gloria mckenzie in florida won the biggest jackpot ever. $590 million. >> in the the last time couple of years there has been a merger between the megamillions and the powerball and now you can buy both in just about every state in the united states which gives you a much bigger pool of bidders and make the jackpot pools a lot bigger as well. powerball, at the same time, doubled the price of their ticket from $1 to $1 ii. >> reporter: powerball tickets sold in 43 states and wsh washington, d.c. and the virgin islands but the chance of winning is 1 in 175. and not discouraging these buyers. >> winning ticket height ririgh
4:48 am
>> feeling lucky today. >> reporter: don't focus on the jackpot because there are smaller prizes that can be doled out. several people who have won $1 million and if no one wins on wednesday night, that $400 million where it stands right now could sweeten another $10 million! >> i know -- you said the chance is 1 in 175 million? >> but if you're not buying a ticket you don't have a chance in winning. >> i am one of those people i will still buy a ticket. you know? there is always a chance. >> one of the rare ones. >> always a cynic sitting at a table in a news show, why buy them? you're never going to win. >> i'm one at this table. >> you're the business correspondent. >> there is always a chance. >> think what you can do for the money. so many other places and people. that is the dream. >> we can dream. >> we need to get out of here fast! let's get to a break! >> no one here after the break because we will have a winning ticket. coming up next, the fall of a superstar, alex rodriguez was
4:49 am
once considered the best player in baseball. now he is just fighting to stay in the game. >> one of a few guys who wouldn't need a ticket if he lived here, prince william. he has gotten the biggest treasure of his life the little boy in his hands, prince george. but guess what? he has to go back to work! paternity leave is over. we will talk about that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ i've got something for you too. (announcer) fancy feast delights with cheddar. a meal that is sure to delight your cheese lover. now available in the classic form she loves. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love. (tires screeching)
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is time for the pop four, your favorite part of the day. that means nischelle turner. >> i'm only going to give it to you if you promise when you get your powerball, you don't forget about your girl. let's get to the pop four this morning. love, love, it's our number four story. despite a season of heartbreak and more than its fair share of tears, bachelorette accepted contestant chris's proposal on the finale last night. they are officially kissing and engaged. i love it. i love love. >> kissing, that's a lot of kissing. >> it is back to work for prince william. the new dad's paternity leave officially over. he returns with the royal air force tomorrow. he's expected to leave b
4:54 am
bucklebury this evening. i pose this question to chris cuomo. i remember when you had such angst about bringing your daughter to camp. >> thanks for bringing it up. >> what's it like when you first separate? what's he going to feel? >> he's going to feel depression. he's going to be satisfied the mom is there, he knows there's family around, but nothing matters to you like a child. but it will give him a greater sense of purpose at work, as well. >> that's right. got to provide for that family. >> providing isn't so much his problem, but he's going to want to be the best him he can be. >> good point. >> he's got that little one looking at him. could america be getting some of that power? yeah. variety is reporting will i. am is in talks to join the judging table for "american idol" after reports jennifer lopez may also return to the show. that means keith urban, jennifer lopez, will i. am. >> talk about a range.
4:55 am
>> i know, i like. the race is on to cast batman in the sequel to "man of steel," so ryan gosling. >> yes, please. >> joe, richard, all rumored to be in the running, but the front-runner, 46-year-old josh brolin. what do you think about that? >> i think it fits. >> wolf man from "true blood." >> i remember him from "magic mike." all i remember is "magic mike." >> mrs. cuomo threw me into a bowl of potato salad when we met him at a party. made me go up and introduce her. >> excuse me, hi! >> oh, my. >> we'll also throw chris into potato salad. >> i like potato salad. >> all right, guys. >> i love it, ryan gosling, thank you. coming up next on "new day," also someone we love, matt damon
4:56 am
gets a new look for his new movie. he's buff, he's tough, and he's sitting down with me. >> very nice. horror at town hall, serious story we need to pay attention to this morning. rural pennsylvania rocked by a deadly shooting. the surprisingly minor reason why somebody decided to take so much life. we'll tell you about it. it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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-- captions by vitac -- multiple people shot there. it was chaotic. >> town meeting terror. overnight, a gunman opens fire at a municipal meeting. three dead, several injured,
5:00 am
until one man takes him on and saves the day. we are live with dramatic details. the punishment, alex rodriguez suspended for more than 200 games. the fans boo him as he steps over the plate last night as he vows to prove his innocence. new claims marilyn monroe called jackie kennedy says she was going to marry her husband, the president. did it really happen? your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> i know it sounds monstrous, it just felt right. >> announcer: what you have to see. >> i wept to the guy with the picture and said i have to do this. he kind of went, okay, we have a lot of work to do. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan, and michaela pereira. good morning and welcome back to "new day," everyone. it's tuesday, august 6th, 8:00
5:01 am
in the east. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm chris cuomo here as always with news anchor michaela pereira. great to have you. breaking this morning, americans ordered to leave yemen immediately after a new terror threat. we're learning more about that message between senior al qaeda leaders that prompted the closure of 19 u.s. embassies and consulates this week. big question, we can close consulates, but are we prepared for an attack? an amber alert in california, they are looking for this 16-year-old girl, her 8-year-old brother. police are looking for the man they believe took the siblings after killing their mother and another child. what you need to know. >> pay close attention to that. also we're going to bring you later my one-on-one with actor matt damon. he's starring in the new movie "elysium." why he thought the role was a gamble and what is next for this a-list star. he's got a lot of changes in his life right now. >> looking forward to it. we are going to begin with breaking news. a long-running property dispute
5:02 am
in a small town. that became important enough to kill for one man. three people lost their lives last night when the man opened fire. the suspect, this man, rockne newell. he is in custody this morning. cnn's poppy harlow is live for us in pennsylvania. good morning, poppy. >> good morning to you, chris. it was horrific, it was shocking to this quiet, small town that has never seen anything even close to this. it all unfolded behind me about 7:30 p.m. last night during a town council meeting. here as you said, three dead, several others injured. we do know three have been treated and released from an area hospital. one other victim at this hour, we don't know their condition, but rockne newell is in custody and if not for the actions of two heros, this could have been much more deadly. the normally calm town council meeting turned into horror in seconds. authorities say this man, rockne
5:03 am
newell, entered the ross township building and opened fire, spraying bullets at the 1. >> multiple people shot there. there has been a struggle there. you know, it was chaotic. >> reporter: police say newell started firing even before he entered the building, killing three and wounding several more with what is described as a long gun. a local reporter in the room said, "i heard more than ten shots and saw plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls." then police say newell was tackled to the ground after leaving to retrieve a handgun. >> he then again reapproached the building and entered the building, again firing the weapon. and was subsequently tackled and brought to the ground. >> reporter: witnesses say one of the men who tackled him bear hugged newell, bringing him to the ground. and authorities credit him with preventing further bloodshed. >> they absolutely would have saved lives. he was entering the building
5:04 am
again with a handgun. he would have killed or injured other people. >> reporter: local media from the last year suggests newell was troubled, described as neighbors as a junk collector ordered to vacate his property after it was condemned by the town, following a year's long battle with the township's board of supervisors. he told "the pocono record" last year, "looks like i'm going to be homeless, because i have nowhere to go." and kate, we have new information just in to us. i just got off the phone with another man, who is a hero in all of this. he didn't want us to use his name, he didn't want the attention, but he also helped tackle the gunman to the ground and he told me when the shooter ran into the town hall behind me, he yelled, "they stole my land, they stole my land." that is connecting this to the property dispute that just unfolded last week. also they described how they tackled the gunman to the
5:05 am
ground, two men on top of him, tying his hands behind his head until authorities could arrive, take the wounded to hospitals, also the shooter was shot, taken to a hospital. he's been released. he's now in police custody, but as this unfolds, we're clearly seeing what motivated, what seems to have motivated this shooter. now we have innocent victims dead and injured. >> all right, poppy, thanks so much. clearly, still questions to be answered, but we're now learning those heroic actions of those men saved lives that night. thanks so much. now to the windy city, where baseball fans greeted the return of alex rodriguez with boos. >> alex rodriguez. >> there you hear it. the yankee slugger playing in his first big league game in ten months last night and he plans to keep playing while appealing a 211-game suspension for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. jason carroll live in chicago this morning, more on the game and this historic suspension.
5:06 am
>> reporter: and rodriguez said post-game, kate, how much he loves playing baseball, that's what he wants to do, get back on the field. he also said how much he loves the fans. well, the feeling not mutual with many of the fans who filled the stadium last night. the sounds of boos and jeers echoing throughout us cellular field in chicago monday night as alex rodriguez debuted for the yankees just hours after major league baseball announced it was suspending him for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. the embattled third baseman talked about what it has been like living under a cloud of suspicion. >> the last seven months has been a nightmare. it's been, you know, probably the worst time of my life. >> reporter: rodriguez was one of 13 players suspended monday. the other 12 players receiving 50-game suspensions for using
5:07 am
performance-enhancing drugs. the p.e.d.s delivered by the antiaging clinic in florida, biogenesis. rodriguez's punishment, far worse. the top-player suspension effective through the 2014 season, 211 games without pay, which could cost him $31 million. major league baseball's commissioner saying in a statement, "the suspension is based on his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years." officials also saying rodriguez tried to obstruct their investigation. rodriguez says he'll appeal and in the past rodriguez has denied a connection to the former head of biogenesis and taking p.e.d.s from the clinic, but when asked more than once to clarify on monday, rodriguez dodged those questions. >> we'll have a forum to discuss
5:08 am
all of that. and we'll talk about it then. >> reporter: some fans did show their support for rodriguez. most felt this way. >> i think he did cheat, he needs to be punished in some way. >> reporter: and under baseball's rules and regulations, rodriguez is allowed to keep playing while he appeals, but once again, many of the fans out here have already made up their minds. kate? >> jason, i'll take it. appreciate the reporting this morning. we're going to move on now, the state department is telling all americans to leave yemen immediately. this warning comes after a pair of suspected u.s. drone strikes there left four al qaeda members dead. the u.s. has flown in a pair of military transport aircraft to help get americans out of yemen. let's bring in cnn's barbara starr live at the pentagon watching this for us. what do we know? >> good morning, chris. those aircraft expected to land
5:09 am
in germany in the coming hours with about 90 americans onboard after the u.s. embassy and state department told americans to just get out of yemen, get out immediately, because of the rising terrorist threat. the embassy now only having really a central personnel there. the embassy will remain shut for several days. what we know is what set off the alarm bells across washington was an intercepted message from al shehri to a man named wahishi in yemen. he is the leader of al qaeda in yemen, saying do something, do something now. it was clearly, the u.s. believes, a message to order an attack. they believe for several days now that an attack could be in the final stages of planning. the significance here is that al qaeda in yemen really has been on the rise, gaining some strength. the drone strikes have not put it out of business by any stretch, so there is a lot of
5:10 am
concern about what that group in yemen may have planned next. chris? >> all right, barbara, obviously, something to watch. appreciate it this morning. let's bring in our own erin burnett, host of "erin burnett out front," why, because we're coming up on the anniversary of the benghazi attack and you've been working with some of our colleagues on a very important special, taking a look back on this attack, what we've learned and where the investigation is. what have you uncovered? >> over the past year, i remember sitting there that night when we first heard an american died in benghazi, when that wire first crossed and the shock we felt at that moment, and we've spent a lot of time covering this over the past year. you know, our conclusions are like this, it was administration focus first and foremost on reelection, there was a message to defeat al qaeda that this administration wanted to push out and that prevented more investigations from happening. that was part of it. then on the republican side, you
5:11 am
have people with real questions who have turned this into a little bit more than a witch hunt than it ever should have been. that's some of the conclusions that we have, but we do go through when was to blame and how such horrible mistakes were made. and as you'll see, there were horrible mistakes that did not need to be made. >> one fascinating, jaw-dropping aspect, our correspondent, she went back to benghazi. she ended up sitting down and speaking with one of the suspects who says that he has never been interviewed by the u.s. government. >> that's right. it was a person of interest in benghazi. she was able to talk to him for a couple of hours. he says, look, i was directing traffic. but people in the media have been able to speak to this person. the fbi hasn't at this point. when arwa spoke to him and first started this great reporting, since then benghazi has become so dangerous, journalists can't even go. you're talking about a situation the u.s. government says, look, we can't go in and now it's
5:12 am
gotten significantly worse. >> on that terrible night, it wasn't just ambassador stevens that was killed, other men died that night. you had a chance to talk to the sister of a navy s.e.a.l., what did she have to say? >> it was an incredibly emotional situation. there were three siblings in this family, her brother was a s.e.a.l. he had gone back to do this and he was ready to go back into the private sector, but he was scared to do it. look, i have all this training as a s.e.a.l., but to be in the private sector, i'm going to have to go back to school and start from zero. it was intimidating. i want you to watch this clip, which was the most special part of this documentary. here's kate. >> he chose to run in and chose to defend, even though it wasn't his job. he ran in. >> that's how glen has lived his whole life. anything you need at any time, he's there for you. >> yeah, so that was what it was like. and she talked about getting the
5:13 am
call that night when she found out her brother was dead and had to call her parents and tell them. these families, there was one family, the mother of the information officer, shaun smith, she's incredibly angry, she hasn't called me. the other families really don't want to make this political. they really don't. you can go to the website, your website, our website, there's foundations, you can donate to these families and the memories they are trying to revive, but it was very emotional. >> it's also what's fuelling a lot of the curiosity here. just to bring it back with what you started with here, erin, the idea of whether or not this is real or not. and the families are big motivation for people who want to ask mores questions, but the reason this is such an important topic, politically, people are divided as to whether or not this warrants any discussion. we know what secretary of state, then hillary clinton said, how she dismissed it at the hearing, wound up being a bravo move for
5:14 am
her. what are the conclusions on why we should pay attention? >> we should pay attention and it does warrant a discussion. i think there's no question about that. when you hear what people saw at that time, we talked to the security officer briefing chris stevens in security. he said, look, the u.s. government at that time did not even know which group was which, didn't know who was a threat, didn't know whether to take the threats seriously. chris stevens, across the street from the compound, taking cell phone pictures of the compound. you have the british, the red cross, already left benghazi. if there's a situation where you need a discussion about what america did wrong so it doesn't happen again, this is that situation. and i think the push for all of us has to be as journalists we don't want to politicize it, but we have to have this conversation. >> god bless, good luck to you. you look great. great news for you. >> thank you very much. >> good news with serious news. >> that's right. that's right. thank you. >> great to see you guys.
5:15 am
>> thank you very, very much. you can watch the special we're talking about, "the truth about benghazi" tonight 10:00 eastern. you don't want to miss it here on cnn. there is other news to tell you about, as well. >> our top headline right now, breaking news, an amber alert has been issued if southern california. police are looking for 16-year-old hannah anderson and her 8-year-old brother ethan. their mother and the body of an unidentified child were found dead inside a burned-out house over the weekend. these children are said to be traveling in a blue nissan versa with a california license plate. the suspect is identified as 40-year-old james lee dimaggio. after a series of delays, court marshal ofny dal hassan beginning today. he's expected to cross examine some of the very people he's accused of shooting.
5:16 am
13 people were killed. the man suspected of driving a car into a crowd on the boardwalk in venice beach, california, expected to appear in court for the first time today. nathan campbell was charged with murder after turning himself in. the terrifying incident killed a 32 year old on her honeymoon and married just three days when the car struck her. one person was critically hurt, two others have serious injuries. president obama's better bargain for the middle class road tour stops in phoenix today. he'll talk about home ownership in a city decimated by the housing crisis. he'll lay out plans to keep the housing recovery going before heading to burbank for an appearance on "the tonight show." let's talk cookie monster, folks, isn't exactly known for self control when it comes to cookies, but this muppet is changing his ways. he's put out a new parody of the pop summer hit "i love it" to
5:17 am
make his point. this cookie monster says i want it, but me wait. >> what? >> he still is the cookie monster and cookie still starts with "c," but he's saying he's going to wait for it. >> he's caving to the police? >> the fact is, you would be the first to wave this banner, you believe cookies should be a treat. >> but he's a character on "sesame street." >> we love you, cookie monster, we do. >> barely has arms, the guy. how's he going to eat those cookies anyway? >> he manages somehow. >> i was terrified by cookie monster. i had the alphabet and "c," literally, wanted to hide under my bed. >> learning much more than we thought we would. >> i don't know what was wrong with me. >> so confused, indra. >> so am i. we have great video from all these storms that really went through kansas and missouri
5:18 am
overnight. we're talking about impressive amounts of rainfall, anywhere from four to nine inches of rain. since midnight, rainfall rates about two inches per hour. even hail really ripping through the states. here's the problem, we're still looking at storms in the area. this is the current radar, you can tell they are training. we call it training because the thunderstorms continue to develop. almost like having the cloud above your house. heavy rainfall still expected in the region today. that's something we are going to be monitoring. you can see the low making its way through canada, but showers through the plains and eventually through the midatlantic by tomorrow. rain really in the forecast for a lot of us. that is something we'll be monitoring. update on the tropics coming up. >> thanks so much, indra. >> appreciate it. how about this, we may be witnessing the perfect marriage of old and new media. in a surprise move, founder is buying "the washington post" for $250
5:19 am
million. "the post" has been owned by the same family nearly 80 years. now it will be in the hands of a very well known entrepreneur. alison kosik joins us with that. big move, good move, question mark? >> question mark, of course. though he is buying "the washington post," he's not looking to lead the day-to-day business. he's keeping the executives in place at the post company and sam things are going to stay the same but there is going to be change, of course. quote, we're going to need to invent, experiment. yes, change is inevitable with anything like this, no matter who owns the party, and why not? "the washington post," quite frankly, is losing money. not just "the washington post," newspapers are dealing with falling ad revenue. more of us are getting our news online. other publications have been feeling it. look at "the boston globe," it sold this week for a fraction of what it was once worth, "news
5:20 am
week" has gone all digital. look what he did with amazon, but the question is, we all know he's a great idea man, an entrepreneur, but these forces that are really on top of the newspaper industry, what's he going to dream up to pull "the washington post" up and make it stronger? >> make it creative, that may be the best thing needed. alison, thanks so much. >> always a pleasure. deserved a double thanks. we're going to go to break right now. coming up on "new day," dramatic twist in court, father comes to his son's defense saying he is the one that's a killer. how much did jackie kennedy know about marilyn monroe and jfk? a new book says quite a bit. the two women talked. is it true? going to take a look. n every oc. but we still swim. every second, somewhere in the world,
5:21 am
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welcome back to "new day." sensational revelations in a new book about president john f. kennedy's long suspected and rumored affair with marilyn monroe. the book claims the sultry actress actually called the first lady, jackie kennedy, to confess. zoraida has the juicy details. quite a scandal. >> yes, quite a scandal. all the details definitely are juicy, but are they true? these explosive new allegations claim jackie kennedy told marilyn monroe, if you want him, you can have him. never before have such details been heard about the relationship between president john f. kennedy, marilyn monroe, and the first lady. in a new book, these few precious days, the final year of jack with jackie.
5:25 am
author christopher anderson claims that the hollywood starlet called jacqueline kennedy on the white house phone confessing to an affair she was rumored to be having with the president. the first lady allegedly responded by saying, that's great, you'll move into the white house and you'll assume the responsibilities of first lady and i'll move out and you'll have all the problems. >> the claim that marilyn monroe actually called jackie o. at the white house, it does seem farfetched, but then again with marilyn monroe, seemingly anything was possible. ♪ i want to be loved by you >> the book also claims the breathy sex symbol singing here confided her most intimate details of the alleged affair to a friend, even fantasizing, quote, can't you just see me as first lady? >> the idea president kennedy would leave his beloved wife who
5:26 am
the nation adored for a sort of aging movie star probably was a fantasy only in marilyn monroe's mind. >> reporter: the book also tells of jackie reportedly telling her doctor of all her husband's alleged affairs, the one with marilyn was the most troubling. >> jackie kennedy, she was a smart political wife and she feared marilyn monroe, not as somebody who would be emotionally intimate with president kennedy, but somebody who could take down the administration in scandal and viewed her as a loose cannon. >> the claims in the book have not been substantiated, but one historian says it could very well be true and although it seems unbelievable, it is the sort of thing that happens in history. so you never know, right? >> more than we know. >> yes, exactly. >> that is quite a line. >> can you imagine if it happened today? this was largely not reported at that time, just little details now and then. imagine if it were today, the man would have been able to do nothing else in office. this would have completely
5:27 am
dominated coverage. >> at the time it would have dominated also. >> you can have him and all the problems that come with it. >> that's right. >> pretty good line. time for a break. coming up on "new day," the immediate youric rise and the spectacular fall of alex rodriguez. a look at a-rod's life on and off the field. and one-on-one with matt damon, the oscar winner transforms for his latest role in "elysium," a sci-fi epic set in the future. >> seems shy. you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's go to vegas. cute! waiter! girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding. if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns.
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is tuesday, august 6th. i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm chris cuomo. let's get to our news anchor michaela pereira for the five things you need to know for your "new day." >> let's do it. number one, police say the man who allegedly opened fire at a town council meeting in rural pennsylvania had a grudge that had lasted for years. rockne newell suspected now of killing three people. several more were wounded. a court marshal for major nidal hasan gets under way at texas today. the former army psychiatrist is accused of opening fire at ft. hood in 2009, killing 13 people, wounding 32 others. it is check-out time for hurricane sandy victims staying at hotels in new york. the original deadline was to leave by july 7th. fema extended it, however, until today. president obama heading west today. he'll be talking about home ownership and his better bargain for the middle class during a stop in phoenix, then will tape
5:32 am
an appearance with jay leno. mitt romney back in politics. tonight he'll appear for a fundraiser for the republican party. romney hinted he'll be active during the 2014 midterm elections. get ahead of the game and go to for the latest. >> thanks. new to a bizarre scene inside a kentucky courtroom. joshua young is accused of allegedly helping his father kill his step brother, but his father took the stand monday and testified he acted alone in the beating death of his 14-year-old step son. alina machado joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: joshua young's father seemed combative on the stand as he answered questions about the killing. a stunning admission by josh gouker on why he says he killed
5:33 am
his 14-year-old stepson trey zwicker. >> i mean, his mother killed a couple of mine and it just felt right. i know it sounds monstrous and all that [ bleep ] but it's not. if we were in the old testament, it would be the same thing. >> reporter: gouker's son is on trial for his role in the 2011 murder. prosecutors say young helped his father in the killing and tampered with evidence. on monday, prosecutors asked gouker about beating zwicker to death. >> that's when you snapped? >> yeah. >> you said you hit him and he went down. >> reporter: gouker initially blamed the murder on his son, but he has since repeatedly said he acted alone. on the stand, gouker seemed to get frustrated with prosecutors as they pointed out previous inconsistencies. >> i know what you're doing. you're trying to make microscopic little holes in this
5:34 am
[ bleep ] that i didn't even give a [ bleep ] about two years ago. yeah [ bleep ] i've lied this whole [ bleep ] time except arraignment. i've admitted everything i've done. i've been sentenced for it, life in prison. >> now joshua young is pleading not guilty. testimony in his trial is set to resume within the hour. prosecutors could wrap up their case later this week. kate? >> okay. alina machado, thanks so much for that update. alex rodriguez's 211-game suspension is historic and unprecedented. he's always been a larger than life figure, to say the least. love him or hate him, once regarded as the best in the game. nischelle turner is looking more into that. >> hey, guys. yeah, he was once an mvp, most valuable player on the field. off the field, though, he was a m.a.t., man about town. success, fame, hollywood girlfriends. alex rodriguez had it all. a meteoric rise for a kid from
5:35 am
humble beginnings. he made his debut at 18, blockbuster stats followed, landing him the most lucrative contract in major league baseball history, a $252 million deal with the texas rangers. he spent some of it on cathedral-like homes in miami. >> money was important to him and all the trappings that money could bring. >> reporter: in 2003, he was traded to baseball's most celebrated franchise, the new york yankees. in the center of the media spotlight, and on the cover of fashion magazines like this "details" issue in 2009. >> he seemed back then to be kind of a golden boy. in the years to follow, he took advantage of everything the city has to offer. >> reporter: and he could afford to. in 2007, another monster contract for $275 million. but it was a-rod's off the field activities that landed him in the tabloids. his wife cynthia filed for
5:36 am
divorce in 2008, citing rodriguez's extramarital affairs. one of those trysts was rumored to be with madonna, but the singer denied any romantic involvement with the yankee slugger. >> alex rodriguez's divorce from his wife, cynthia, was really one of the first cracks in this golden boy facade. since then, yes, he has been the squire of many celebrity women. >> reporter: like torrey wilson and cameron diaz and kate hudson. both dated rodriguez and would sometimes be seen in the crowd at yankee games. now with a looming 211-game suspension, baseball's golden boy has become a cautionary tale. and according to an espn report, a-rod sold the miami beach house i was talking about in may for $30 million. it's one of the highest purchase prices for a home in miami. on the field, guys, he's earned about $360 million to date. on that one house alone that he sold, made a $15 million profit.
5:37 am
>> lot more millions on his contract, we'll see what happens. >> wealth was his legacy. from a tough story to the good stuff. in today's edition, the best thing to come out of canada since michaela pereira. it all started a few days ago when a man walked into a coffee shop and bought cups of coffee for 500 people behind him. take a listen. >> one customer come in and he said, oh, i want to buy 500 coffees. i was like, why? no reason. >> 500 cups of coffee. that could be the end right there and rate the good stuff. right? wrong. since those first 500 cups, the feat has been repeated again and again at tim horton's all across canada. 500 cups purchased, 500 in ottawa, hundreds of cups in calgary, chestermire and high river. >> say it like a canadian. >> thousands of cups given up in
5:38 am
all. before you think this is tim horton's doing a promotion, we asked, no, this is random people offering to buy coffee for strangers. and here's the best part, okay, you get the free coffee, what do you do with it now? tim horton's says people getting the free coffee are taking the money they were going to buy the coffee with and dropping it into the donation box at the registers for underprivileged kids. it is the butterfly effect of the good stuff. >> nothing more neighborly than buying someone a cup of coffee. >> 500, even more neighborly. >> that is a great one. >> that is the good stuff. >> we don't even know who started it. >> nope. the power of the positive. you see, you can catch all of our good stuff stories on our website, and we want to hear about them from you. that's where we get the stories. tweet us, facebook us, go to the website, just let us know so we can keep telling you good news. >> tim horton's into the cnn broadcast. so happy. >> it's a good day on "new day."
5:39 am
coming up next on "new day," i'm going to go one-on-one with matt damon. wait until you hear what the oscar winner put himself through to prepare for his new role in his latest film "elysium." >> i've been waiting for this, kate. >> i feel i've been waiting for days. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover the heart-pounding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles,
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welcome back to "new day," everyone. age 42, matt damon shows no signs of slowing down, challengichallenge ing himself with new and expected challenges. to get ready for his role in "elysium," damon spent a grueling four hours a day at the gym. that's tough. i sat down with him to talk about all of that and much, much more. things we know about matt damon, he's a superstar with a megawatt smile and huge hit movies under his belt. >> i got a number. how do you like them apples? >> forbes magazine even called him the most dependable star in hollywood, bringing studios an estimated $29 of profit for every dollar he gets paid, but this year damon is shaking things up and taking some big chances, like with his latest
5:44 am
film "elysium." >> what did you do to me? >> you've done action before in the "borne films," but what drew you to this film? >> the director. he directed "district 9," and i just loved that movie. >> reporter: he grabbed attention when his $30 million "alien" movie went on to gross $211 million worldwide and snagged four oscar nominations. damon hopes his gamble will pay off, as well. >> i've been hoping for years that a good science fiction movie would come along, because they are really, really rare to get a science fiction movie that turns into a good movie. >> set in the year 2154, damon's role has him fighting his way from a ruined wasteland planet earth to the man-made paradise called elysium. there's a lot of shirtless matt damon in this film. was there a lot of physical
5:45 am
training for this? >> yes. >> it's not just every day? >> it's not how i roll. >> what was it like? i'm always curious. it becomes part of the job, the training. >> definitely, definitely. it's not something that i particularly enjoy. the diet part is not something i enjoy, but had a whole graphic novel he had put together on his computer, like a homemade thing, there was a picture of max with his shirt off staring into a mirror, you know, with tattoos all over. really good shape. they hired this unbelievable trainer. i went to the guy with that picture and i said i need to do this. he kind of looked at me and went, okay. >> we got a lot of work to do. >> we got a lot of work to do, and that's what we d. >> "elysium" isn't the only surprising turn damon is taking this year, he explores a different character in hbo's "behind the candelabra". >> why don't you work for me? >> as what? >> we had rob lowe on the show recently and he had the best
5:46 am
line, you know what, matt damon and i sat down at set every day and go, dude, what happened to us? >> how did it end up like this for both of us? >> it's true, it's true. i had a really hard time getting through scenes with rob. he was just so much more professional than i was. i would just start laughing. his whole look. when he showed up on set with a six-point facelift and a wig mashed down over it, there were a lot of people who saw the movie and didn't know it was him. >> damon is making big moves in his personal life, as well, relocating from new york to los angeles, a tough decision for someone who's known to cherish his privacy. >> any concern you're going to lose that privacy when you come to l.a.? >> we'll turn around and come back if that happens. we treasure our privacy and do get it here in new york. people are really cool and you get absorbed into whatever neighborhood you're living in. we're not leaving new york because of anything new york did. >> he's taking the rest of the
5:47 am
year off to get everyone settled, his wife of nearly eight years and their four daughters. >> i am one of four daughters, and i have to say, you are a saint. >> really? >> just meeting you, but i will tell you, because i know that about you, you are a saint. >> how much love and attention did you give your dad? >> my father says, oh, you got to feel so sorry for me, he's the luckiest man in the world. >> of course, that's how i feel, too. >> the move also brings new risk and opportunity with it. damon is looking forward to taking a bigger focus on the production company he cofounded with his childhood best friend, ben affleck. >> it's time we were grownups. let's do it. >> you think it's now time to be grownups? you don't think you hit that early on anyway? >> just in terms of the development side. we can really have a lot of control over what we get made right now, so it's a good time to focus on that. i'm excited to go into an office with him, you know, that will be a fun change. but it was like with "good will
5:48 am
hunting," we felt like winning the lottery but seeing your best friend win the lottery too. >> all our friends! everybody back in boston watching us tonight. >> 15 years later, we're still kicking. >> for a guy with such star power, damon also possesses an unusual quality for a hollywood a-lister, he's still very much just a normal guy. >> isn't that such a statement that it's a shock and a compliment when someone calls you normal in terms of how celebrities are these days? how do you stay so normal? >> my favorite answer to that that i ever heard, someone asked george clooney and he said, oh, i pay a whole team of people to do that. >> exactly. that was a perfect line. i think if you're going to take a line from anyone, take one from clooney. "elysium," it hits studios, hits theaters this friday. it's a pretty good movie, i got a sneak peek of it. >> can't wait to see it. >> you wonder what's next for him, actor, writer, producer. he says the thing he'd really
5:49 am
love to get into is a director, that kind of control and have the vision and that 30,000-foot view of where things need to move to get to the end goal. we'll see. >> looks like you had a nice long conversation. >> we did. it really does come across, he is clearly a celebrity, not difficult to look at, but he did come across as a very normal guy. and the moment i did know he had four daughters, i was like, we're going to be good friends. >> he's a good guy, family-first guy. one of the better guys in the business. no question about it. good stuff. let's move on. we got an "impact your world" segment. tornados bring devastation across the united states this year prompted a superstar athlete to do something for tornado victims in this week's "impact your world," take a look. >> hi, i'm bo jackson, and we can make an impact after the storm. this is what one deadly twister left behind in tuscaloosa, alabama. >> i got phone calls from relatives and friends saying
5:50 am
there was a bad storm, a big tornado that came through. i sat up and thought about, what can i do to give back to my community, and i came up with this harebrain idea to ride a bicycle across the state. i decided to make it an annual event to raise money for the tornado victims. i want to make the rest of the country aware of how severe a tornado can be. when you don't have a place to get out of the way of a tornado, a lot of people get injured, lose their lives. hiding in a closet or getting in a bathtub doesn't work when the whole house is getting picked up off the foundation and thrown down the street. to continue this bike ride and to raise money to build community tornado shelters, i think that's my calling. >> join the movement, impact your world. go to >> bo jackson, ladies and gentlemen.
5:51 am
i'll tell you what, if he had been around in this day and age with espn and all the sharing, he would have been the biggest athlete we've ever seen in the world. nobody did what he did, and he's just as good a person off the field. >> clearly. coming up next on "new day," john berman has had it with shark week. he'll explain why with "new day" award of the day. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save.
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it's ominous music, but for a beautiful moment as the time of the morning and of the show i'm guaranteed to have everyone
5:55 am
in my family watching, because john berman is here to give us the "new day" of the day award. >> i have ominous news for you. there's a shark week controversy, shark-troversy. a two-hour documentary entitled megaladon, about sightings of a 67-foot monster shark off the coast of south africa. here's the catch, though, the megalodon is extinct. this wasn't really a documentary but a dramtization, a fake documentary. they did run a disclaimer on the show for, like, three seconds. take a look. ♪ says it's not real, blah, blah, blah, take my word for it. there are a lot of people miffed about this and i'm not sure why, because this was fairly awesome. turns out you can't just chum
5:56 am
for megalodon because it's so big so they had to use a chum cannon, like nuclear chum. how can you not respect this? it's gross and scientific at the same time. this week our award goes to shark week. they win the chum-nado award. what do you get when you cross a sharknado and chum gun? chumnado. >> don't want to be downwind. >> oh. >> i love shark week, i'm all about it, one of the few things i can watch with my kids. when they take the jaws and show what damage they could have done -- >> nothing kids like more than dismemberment. >> that is great. >> it's nature, john, it's nature. >> all right, we'll be back right after this. i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic! find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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6:00 am
let's check the staying power of a john berman joke. chum-nado. all it it takes. >> staying power. that's it for us on "new day," "cnn newsroom" with brianna keeler begins right now. >> i love it, michaela can't even keep it together. adorable. thanks, guys, have a great thanks, guys, have a great morning. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in the newsroom -- terror at city council, a town hall meeting shattered by bullets. three people are dead and this morning a story of a hero is emer emerging, plus this. booed in chitown, a-rod battered and bruised by a suspension taking the field. the humiliating public verdict playing out before all of america. and oprah reportedly reaching out to lindsay lohan just hours before the embattled star was going to take off